Podcasts I listen to

The podcasts I currently stick in my ears
(updated January 2011)

Windows Weekly
A weekly show on all things Windows with Paul Thurrott
(TWIT Network – Leo LaPorte)

Tips From The Top Floor
A photography show by Chris Marquardt
(actually several)

The HTGuys
A weekly Home Theater show by Ara & Braden

Ransomed Heart
A weekly look at the Christian man by John Eldridge

Let My People Think
A weekly show by the smartest Christian I know – Ravi Zacharias

Martin Bailey Photography
A weekly photo show by Martin Bailey

Subject, Composition and Light Photography Podcast
Weekly by Robb Nunn

On Science
A weekly compilation from NPR

A weekly compilation from NPR

The Digital Story
A weekly photo show by Derek Story

This American Life
A weekly show from NPR

Radio Lab
An almost weekly show from WNYC

TWIP – This Week In Photo
Scott is gone! Now Hosted by Alex and Frederick Van Johnson

Home Theater Geeks
From the TWIT Network, but no Leo! Hosted by Scott Wilkinson
Interviews with industry experts – longish

The Moth
True stories told live without notes

Patrick Norton and Ryan Strout (TWIT network, but thankfully no Leo)

Camera Dojo
Kerry Garrison and David Esquire

DSLR Video Shooter
Caleb Pike – short videos

Creative Cow DSLR Video
Richard Harrington and Robbie Carman – short videos

DTown TV
From Kelby Training all thing DSLR – short videos
now hosted by Rafael Concepcion and Larry Becker

HD Nation
Patrick Norton and Robert Heron – longish videos

I’ve become quite ruthless lately. I started unsubscribing to shows that aren’t enjoyable.
Shows I’ve stopped listening to:
Mike Tech Show – Mike Smith
Digital Photography Show – Scott Sherman and Michael Stein
Tech 5 – John C. Dvorak
Tekzilla (video) – Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont
This Week In Tech
– Leo and the Twits
Security Now – Leo and Steve Gibson
This Week in Photography – Scott Borrrrrrrrrrn
The Jesus Geek –
A weekly tech show by John Wilkerson (Podfaded)
WinMo at Modaco – very irregular and now irrelevant? (Podfaded)

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