I would label these suggestions as moderately priced. I don’t think anything is more than $200 and most are $100 or less. Don’t forget to check your baseline prices at Amazon!

Media Streaming Box

These Media Streaming boxes all offer similar types of network services – NetFlix, Hulu Pro, Flickr, Amazon Streaming, YouTube, and Web Channels. Read the reviews carefully to ensure that your intended use is available. I went with the WDTV because it was so highly rated for it’s ability to stream content from my LAN (NAS Storage).

WD TV Live Plus

Boxee Box
Popcorn Hour

NetFlix Membership

They will need either a Streaming box (from the previous suggestion) or a component already in the Home Theater that can handle this so check first. They now offer both ‘Disk & Streaming’ and ‘Streaming Only’ packages. My BluRay Player can handle NetFlix, but many TVs can do this now too.

Rii Mini Keyboard

This tiny keyboard can really make using online services like YouTube a breeze. It’s such a pain to type with just a D-Pad. Make sure your gear can use this before purchasing. It works fine with the WDTV box.

Current Sensing Outlet Strip

My sub-woofer is powered On all the time unless I manually switch it off. My receiver had no powered outlet to handle this task. This special outlet strip was the perfect solution for me – saves electricity too!

Auralex SubDude Subwoofer Isolation Platform

This is a great way to improve the bottom end.

Harmony One Universal Remote

The Harmony One is the heart and soul of my Home Theater system. Read my review HERE.


Can’t go wrong here! My suggestion – lots of exploding helicopters….. (c8

TV Package upgrade

How about upgrading the TV Package to the next level? They already have ‘America’s Top 100’? Get them the ‘Top 250’ package. See if they have or would desire the local network programming (same as you get with an antenna).


Most providers ‘rent’ their DVR. Pay for a years worth. Check with the provider carefully as they sometimes have small additional costs besides the hardware rental.

BluRay Player

Do they have an HD TV and no BluRay Player? Prices have Really come down recently. Read the reviews and pay particular attention to the startup time. Don’t forget a disk or two (one of the best BluRay players is the Sony Play Station 3, but it’s on the more costly side)

Sling Box

Nerd Alert – This Suggestion is only for the nerdliest recipients (see if they have a smartphone).
THIS is what I’m adding to my system (special DVR model required).

Made to Length Cables

Nothing reduces cable clutter quite like having cables that are made to the exact length you need. No loops or tangles. I can hear you now – the Monster Cable I bought cost  $250….. Check MonoPrice out. They have such great prices you have to buy extras just to get your order to be more than the shipping!

Cable Loom

This is a great way to organize that nest of cables behind your Home Theater cabinet. This gift would work perfectly in combination with the previous one. Oh and don’t forget the labor.

Calibration Disk

A properly calibrated system can make a huge difference in how your system looks and sounds. These DIY Calibration Systems are not perfect, but they do a decent job. Depending on how nerdly the recipient is, either just offer to do it (keep the disk for yourself) or let them have the disk and do it themselves.

Wireless Dongle

So much of our Home Theater gear requires a network connection. This would be a nice gift for the unwired home that still needs network connectivity for the Home Theater. These are necessarily manufacturer dependent (check what the manufacturer offers first, but also see if something more generic will work).

Disk Library Shelving

Try Home Depot for some pre-finished shelves and mounting hardware. Think about future growth of the collection as you plan. Don’t forget to offer your labor to install them.

Alphabetic Dividers for Library

I have a large collection of disks and these Inexpensive Dividers add such a polished touch. Enjoy that link. I searched a coons age for these.

Video Library Database

This Software is great for large collection. It can output a web page so your collection can be online. If you have a lot of movies, consider buying or borrowing a barcode reader. It will save you hours when you are doing the initial data entry. You simply scan the barcode (or type it in) and the software fills in all of the details for each movie (similar to IMDB). An inexpensive barcode scanner makes short work of the initial data entry.

Speaker Wall Mounts or Stands

These Stands and Supports are a really nice finishing touch – don’t forget to offer the labor.

Ipod Dock for Receiver

This is receiver dependent. Figure if your target receiver can use one. They are usually made by the receiver manufacturer.

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