I’ve not added anything to my epic Global Warming post for a few months. When the CRU scandal broke I realized that it was over. I simply couldn’t have imagined how this issue would implode in the weeks that followed. AGW is a train wreck happening in slow motion before our eyes.

The organizations that have been humbled by their own hubris:

  • CRU – East Anglia
  • IPCC – United Nations
  • NASA – James Hansen
  • Penn State – David Mann (Mr. Hockey Stick)
  • NOAA National Climate Data Center- Thomas Karl (newly appointed czar)
  • Hollywood – Al Gore and Michael Moore

The hysteric claims that have been proven to be wishful thinking at best:

  • Anthropogenic Global Warming
  • Ice Sheets melting
  • Sea Level rising
  • Glaciers Melting
  • Increased Hurricanes

All have fallen to this scandal. The only way to understand the AGW movement is to follow the money.  It’s about money, power, and the redistribution of wealth. Why is NASA in the Climate/AGW business? Isn’t this the realm of NOAA? NASA is full of activist scientists and without a space program they have fallen back to their core values. Remember when George Bush stood up to this NASA clown – James Hansen? He should have been fired outright, but Dubyah was merciful and treated him like someone with mental disabilities. This is the problem – until now no one has been able to stand up to this machine with it’s celebrities, Oscars, Nobels, politicians, a clueless MSM, and activist scientists.

(there is no science)

Where have we seen this sort of voodoo/pseudo science advocacy before? The book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson shows us where AGW was headed before the wheels came off. She wrote a book about the pesticide DDT. She used the same combination of junk science and hysteria to “save the Earth” by eliminating this perfectly safe pesticide. I learned about these “scientific facts” as a child growing up in the sixties –

  • We put DDT on our crops
  • The rain washed it into streams then to the oceans
  • Fish soon showed high levels of DDT
  • This poison then moved up the food chain
  • Raptors (bird who ate the fish) soon had this poison
  • The raptor egg shells were supposedly weakened by the DDT
  • Baby birds were being aborted
  • Extinction was threatened

This threatened their deepest held religious beliefs (Gia worship) and something had to be done. Aside from the purported effects that DDT had on nature, they also claimed that it was carcinogenic. Who would stand up and claim that it wasn’t? It would be far easier to paint a target on your back and kiss your career goodbye. Dare I say that for all intents and purposes, the science was settled. At least it made some sense to me as a grade-schooler who trusted his teachers.

Too bad that there was no science to back up these theories.

The end result is that a large corporation was humbled (always a plus) and millions of humans died. Yes, you heard me right, I said Millions! Malaria has re-surged since the DDT ban and most of its victims are children. Currently one million African children die of this disease each year. That averages to over 3000 each day. How’s that for a legacy Rachel? Your efforts have killed maybe 50 million humans (it’s ramping up lately). If you add up all of the deaths from all of the wars, combine that with the homicidal records of the planet’s worst dictators and you won’t even come close to the genocide caused by Rachel Carson’s environmental activism. Oh and another bit of Rachel’s legacy – the West Nile Virus. The death toll (humans) is in the tens of thousands worldwide. I realize that Rachel probably doesn’t care at all about us dirty humans (it’s a good way to reduce population), but West Nile also kills birds – EEEEK! Wasn’t the DDT ban supposed to save birds? You could perhaps say that the DDT ban has killed more birds than it supposedly saved.

I thank God that we have been spared a repeat of this sham and its consequences. Al Gore should be the most grateful person on Earth because of what this ongoing scandal has spared him from. Future historians will only view him as a fool and not a murderer. I predict that the end result of the AGWer’s push towards Cap & Trade and Kyoto would be poverty and more death by starvation. Farmers won’t grow crops if they can make more money by capturing CO2 with trees or grass. When you place more value on the Earth than you place on human life, the humans will always suffer. These activists aren’t concerned about human survial – no, they would be happy if Man became extinct just as long as mother Gia survived. The Earth is big and strong and we are so weak and stupid. Be a good steward, but don’t think that you understand the reasons for it’s condition or that you know how to fix it. Since my grade school days I have seen: Global Cooling (Michael Mann again), Holes in the Ozone Layer, and Global Warming all come and go. You environmentalists have lost your right to have a say in how we live on the Earth. Your arrogance has destroyed your credibility. You are such idiots that if we ever have a real problem that needs scientific analysis we are screwed.

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