I started off as a SlashDot addict and quickly left that behind when Digg emerged. SlashDot always seemed to me rather Linux biased (anti-Windows anyways). Digg started out great, but lately I despair. There is just so much crap that I’m not interested in. A million idiots banging on typewriters may not be able to produce Shakespeare, but they have proven that they can produce Digg. Now you can filter out whatever you don’t want to see. I’m so much happier with Digg.

I filter:

Political News
Election News
Political Opinion

This even gets rid of Al Gore and Michael Moore! If I ever want to read that stuff I’ll go where people aren’t frothing at the mouth quite so much. It does reduce my comical science intake though.


This same sort of filtering is now possible with Engadget!

Just surf to –


and you’ll be in Apple-free gadget bliss….. (c8

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