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I really don’t hate Macs or OSX. I have owned, programmed, recommended and given Macs as gifts. I just hate how the Mac Culture has evolved. In the end, computers are just tools. They won’t make you smarter, better looking or cool. If you need a computer manufacturer to give you your self-worth, you have my pity.

First and foremost: I can’t stand Apple Fanboys

There is no middle ground with Apple – you only get what Steve thinks you should have. They have expensive and some low end junk to compete. Apple monitors are way expensive. MBPs are through the roof as well – $4500 for a 17”. You can spend that much on a PC lappy, but with Apple you don’t have any choices. Apple once had an old PPC Mac that was cheaper than a similar Dell – this was the first and only time this ever happened. Macs are way more expensive.

Why isn’t there an uproar in the Mac community? Bill Gates is viewed as an evil dictator because he wants to control the PC desktop. Perhaps he needs to take some lessons from Apple. Does Apple drug their users so they won’t complain? The Macintosh is the most restricted and locked down computer system on the earth.

What about charitable giving? Bill looks like Mother Teresa while Steve comes out looking like the devil. Perhaps Steve is just too dumb to be a philanthropist –

The problem with Macs (or perhaps the users) is when you have problems – there is no way to diagnose or fix them. Take it to the Apple store and have a genius look at it.

Apple “innovations” that they held onto too long :

One button mouse
Single Menu bar
Only Pull-down menus
UI is locked – no improvements
Drag disk to trash to eject

Mac users are fairly computer illiterate. They love the whole Mac culture because you aren’t allowed to DIY, there is no reason to learn anything.

“Macs are glorified Fisher-Price activity centers for adults; computers for scaredy cats too nervous to learn how proper computers work; computers for people who earnestly believe in feng shui.” – Charlie Booker

Macs are for fun stuff, PCs are for boring office stuff. Riiiiight, where are the Mac games?

PC hardware is infinitely customizable and upgradeable. Macs on the other hand, are said to “age more slowly.” This really means that you have to wait for Steve to give you more, but only when he feels you need it.

The UI on PCs is infinitely customizable. With Macs you are once again stuck with what Steve thinks you need. Office 2007 has a great new UI feature called the ribbon bar. It exposes many of the lesser known features and makes them much more easily accessed. The ribbon bar will never appear on OSX because it violates their UI guidelines.

CPUs – for years we heard that Macs with their 68000s and PPC chips were faster and better than anything Intel ever made. When the first Intel MBPs were released, all of the Mac fanboys went nuts over how much faster it was (2x rings a bell). I read one legitimate benchmark of a high end PPC Mac vs a high end Intel PC where they both ran Linux. They came out very even.

Market share – Windows 90%, OSX 2%-4%
Vista had more users after just 4 months that OSX does in total.
Vista sells 100 million copies in the first year and it’s the Disappointment of the Year!

I bet that more Mac users also run Windows on their Macs than there are people who have switched from PC to Mac. Why is no one running OSX on beige boxes? Windows on the Mac – the perfect accessory. The Mac has finally become an acceptable platform thanks to Windows.

Macs are Safer right?
Macs are *always* promoted as being safer than PCs. I’ve always felt that this was hogwash. Hackers simply go after the low hanging fruit. Why waste time for such a small market share (hmmm – sounds like the software market)? Here is some data from Secuina that was compile by ZDNet’s Larry Dignan –

Which one of these looks safer to you?

iTunes (plenty to dislike)

  1. Installation defaults will transcode your existing music library to AAC, delete your MP3s, rename and move them to to a new folder. This renders your music library pretty unusable by anything other than iTunes/iPod.
  2. Updates are always the full program and it Pushes Other Programs like Safari and QuickTime (you can opt out, but it’s not obvious or easy)
  3. No Folder Monitoring (you did get everything from the iTunes store right?)
  4. No Subscription Music
  5. Apple decides to terminate podcast downloads if it thinks you are no longer interested
  6. Proprietary playlist format
  7. Apple’s longstanding position has always been that they’d have DRM even if the record companies didn’t want it. DRM is their way of chaining people to the iPod, iTunes, and iTunes Store.

OSX Features –

Dock items bounce continuously
Programs can force themselves into focus
Items can’t be opened from the Trash and it’s buggy/slow
The Dashboard is modal
Tiny default Open/Save dialogs
Desktop doesn’t do nested folders
Confirmation dialogs are annoying (no opt out)
Missing shares can hang on boot
Click & Drag doesn’t copy

Vista is the only OS that can play premium content (DRM’d HD movies) – what’s up Steve? Apple is on the Blu-Ray advisory board, but they still don’t have anything that can actually play this content.

Vista is continually knocked because it uses more memory and CPU/GPU than XP. You never hear this complaint about OSX even though I hear many claim to need more than 4GB to work effectively on OSX. The latest OSX releases won’t run on older PPC hardware. The first Intel Macs were claimed to be 2-4 times faster than the PPC based machines they replaced.

The Fanboys are just so annoying.
For two weeks prior to Leopard’s release all I read was how great it was going to be. How did they know? It wasn’t released yet. Chris Prillo is an annoying little twit. He blogs about the amazing UI inconsistencies, but then writes them off because he’s sure they will get fixed. Dontcha just love the Leopard upgrade BSOD? Mac users are just as stupid as the dumbest of PC users – reboot and clean install. It’s mostly caused by an ‘unsupported’ application – huh? Well this fits – you only should really be using Apple software on their hardware and OS. I wonder how many do backups? There is a great article about the mighty Leopard – HERE

Apple always charges for what amounts to Service Pack releases.

The smart people who want to try something different (from Windows) always seem to try Linux. That leaves Apple with dumb bunnies who think they will be cool if they switch.

More thought is needed in the area of the Apple cult. I know it’s a corporate core value, but not much is written about it. I first started reading about this phenomenon in the book Organizing Genius by Warren Bennis. The Mac Community is a huge phenomenon. A bunch of folks telling each other how cool and smart they are for using a Mac.

Here is very typical of the advice that your standard Apple Fanboys gives –
(advice on how to deal with all of the various video formats from a church media forum)
‘Get a mac. The whole premise of the OS is, remove the choices and force conformity. All the apple stuff run the quicktime products…all the programs work together. You pay a premium, but think of all the time you save from dealing with this kind of problem.’
Limit choices and force conformity – there you have it! You can’t have problems if we don’t allow you to try other things. This makes perfect sense to me. He claimed that this is an advantage that the Macs have. I guess he didn’t realize that any OS can limit their choices like this – ooops.
More from this same clown –
Using OSX is like having a bad food allergy. You have to avoid anything non-Apple or you get sick.
Using OSX is like being on a Vegan diet

Profits October 2007
Microsoft posted profits of $4.3B on revenues of $13.7B, an increase of 23 percent over last year.
Apple reports that they sold a lot of iPhones.

Fanboys are so willing to overlook any fault – Steve will fix it, it’s OK

From Digg –
Massive Data Loss Bug in Leopard – November 5th, 2007
Leopard’s Finder has a glaring bug in its directory-moving code, leading to horrendous data loss if a destination volume disappears while a move operation is in action. I first came across it when Samba crashed while I was moving a directory from my desktop over to a Samba mount on my FreeBSD server

The idea that everything just works is pretty funny. Everything Apple gives just works. It’s a closed system – hardware, OS, applications and the store. Wouldn’t you expect that such a tightly controlled environment to work?

You can’t change the interface on OSX. With Windows you can make it look and work like anything you want, including OSX.

Mac, OSX, Apps, iPod, iTunes, iPhone – eggs in a basket

Coverflow is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s a blatant ripoff of Vista’s Flip 3D look and feel, which invariably is described as fluff and useless.

A Dual 1ghz Mac Pro can’t run the new Leopard (this from fanbois), yet Vista is expected to run on everything. Microsoft really screwed up the marketing of Vista.

I won’t show a fanboy friend of mine my new Sony book reader. It would kill him to realize that there are other manufacturers of cool gear out there besides Apple.

From Malcor –

Core Amputation

Something is starting to stink, and I’m not the only one noticing. The Macosphere is filling up with crap. With 14 year olds blogging their Mac setups. With entire websites devoted to covering pretty Mac apps. This apple is rotting at its core. It is infected with smugness, and more and more, the symptoms are starting to show, whether it’s the eye roll at the non-iPod music player, or the snide comments about my laptop’s lack of curves.

Everyone knows that when something starts to rot, the rot must be amputated to protect what is left. As an underground hacker for many years, I am in the perfect position to perform this operation. It is a pleasure to accept this opportunity on behalf of the Mac user’s community.

Tomorrow, one maggot will be taken down. This particular larvae is malignant, obnoxious, and has a fetish for posting about his constantly changing Mac setups.


Let me repeat that. A fetish. For Mac setups. This is for his own good. The target will be posted on this site once the attack begins. I will be sending said target a note with a heads up before. Hopefully, by the end of the attack, a sea change will begin to happen. Does anyone disagree with me that the Mac world be a much more pleasant place if smugness wasn’t tolerated? The attacks will be untraceable, and unstoppable.

I guess there are idiots everywhere, but why does it seem that they all have iPhones?

My pastor who recently got a new Mac told me about his impression of Steve’s introduction of the iPhone. He said it was riveting, like being in church. Steve was preaching to the choir. This is all a part of the plan I explained to him.

I find it infinitely amusing that the latest incarnation of the Zune has much of the same capabilities as, is cheaper than, more portable than, and has a hard disk that’s twice as big as the AppleTV.

Microsoft is reporting record profits for the last quarter while Apple is scaling back on their iPhone production.

The new Apple AirBook is pretty pitiful IMHO. A Mac for the Prada set – people who need an accessory more than a tool. My first thought was that too many features had been left out and then I saw this portable computer feature comparison which the AirBook won hands down –

Why does it seem like Macs are less prolific than the fanboys are constantly telling us they are? Is this just the optimistic Linux effect? You know where you keep telling yourself it’s ready for the desktop and this will be the year. There is a popular image circulating the web of a college lecture hall with almost every student sporting a Mac. Great huh? They forgot to mention that the college gives one to each student (no choice). The so called pundits have all mostly weighed in on the Mac side. You would think that the whole world has gone Apple and that Microsoft is on the verge of bankruptcy. I have been struck by *every* browser statistics page I see. I know page counts are not reliable, but certainly the general trends they portray are useful. Take for example page hit percentage by OS. Please find me a page where OSX is higher than 5%. The Safari browser is running around 2%. Does this mean that Firefox has dominated the Mac browser market? Everywhere I look I see the same numbers: 4-5% of the page hits are Mac OSX. Most even have Win2K  beating OSX. I can now sleep at night knowing that Apple’s impending dominating is simply wishful thinking. Check it out HERE.

It changed my life
How many people have you heard say – “My iPhone changed my life”? People call it the Jesus phone. This just makes me sick. What kind of a sad life must you have to experience such renewal from a cellphone? None of the feeble features of the iPhone are new or revolutionary. Only the interface is different. Are the iPhone fanboys that dumb to have never seen a smartphone before? How does the interface have such a life changing effect? I understand how much fun new gadgets can be, but I’d never belittle my life by saying that a gadget has changed it! My soul isn’t that cheap.

Fanboy Turncoat
I was listening to my favorite fanboy Leo LaPork on Paul Thurrotte′s Windows Weekly podcast. Leo was opining about how people complain so much about Vista. He said he couldn′t understand why. I haven′t laughed so hard in a while. That is like Hitler asking, “Why do people dislike the Jews so much?” Leo is becoming a Vista proponent – I like him better when he showed his true colors. The main lesson is that you can’t trust pundits like him.

This is how Microsoft should be advertising!

Operating Systems as Children’s Toys
OSX is like Fisher Price (safe and simple enough for a pre-schooler)
Windows is like Playmobils (great for inspiring imagination, but is too dangerous for young children – small parts)
Linux is like Legos (can be anything you want, but you have to build it yourself)

You heard it here first – I’m predicting a backlash against Apple. There will always be a few true believers, but in general Apple will fall out of favor and no longer be viewed as cool.

Walle functioned autonomously for over 800 years.
Eve was locked down remotely and had no user replaceable parts.

You have to guess which one is the PC and which one is the Mac……

Typical Mac User?

From Paul Thurrott’s Super Site for Windows –

More financial results from Microsoft
Microsoft’s been touting its “fastest annual revenue growth since 1999,” which resulted in a princely $60.42 billion dollars in its last fiscal year, but the number that has us rapt? Vista licenses sold since launch about 18 months ago: 180m.

On the other hand Apple reports selling* 1 million v2 iPhones since the launch. This sounds pretty impressive until you look at the rest of this market. Nokia sells on average 1.3 million phones every day.
* includes all of the phones that AT&T has contracted to buy

Mojave Experiment
It looks like Microsoft is finally getting in this game – Check out their new OS called Mojave

iPhone: Your Crappy Mac of Tomorrow
An interesting article by an iPhone developer about the iPhone and the future of Mac OSX.

Macs and PC cost the same right?
Price Difference Article from TechBlog

Trust Steve, it’s for your own good…..
First it was true – Apple can remotely disable apps on your iPhone
Then the fanboys said it was just a malicious rumor
Then Steve confirmed it was true

Apple’s PDA (aka iPod Touch)
I finally figured this out – the iPod Touch is just a PDA. I know I’m a bit slow on the uptake. This demonstrates the power of Apple’s advertising.
The iPod Touch’s features include –

Web Browsing
3rd Party Apps
Music & Video (meager storage)
Touch Screen
No Cut & Paste
No Bluetooth
No Removable Storage
No Mobile version of Office Apps

All of these features were available on my PDA almost 5 years ago (including the last four). You can argue that the interface or applications are superior, but it’s still just a PDA. The PDA market has really gone down the toilet the last few years. I guess nobody told Apple or their lemmings. Taking this a step further, the iPhone is just a PDA (iPod Touch) with a phone builtin – just like every smartphone produced for the past half decade or so. Steve is a genius. He takes an old, declining technology (PDAs) and tells people it’s new. He has created a cult that will buy anything he offers. They actually think he invented this stuff.

I carry a lot of toys that I use every day –

PDA – iPaq 4415
Music Player – Zune 2G
Phone – Moto W385
Pocketknife – Swiss Army Deluxe Tinker

My dream device is on the near Verizon horizon – HTC Touch Pro. It’s very nice to be able to run a different (more sensible) interface with WinMo under the covers. I dare say that there are many more WinMo apps available and Microsoft doesn’t restrict what I can run on it. I’ll still probably use the Zune (it just works too well for my needs and is great for the car), but I’ll likely give up the PDA. Most of my toys will eventually get replaced, but the pockeknife has stood the test of time. It’s nearly perfect for my needs. I’m on my 5th or 6th now as they tend to get lost. Currently I have 3 because I eventually found two of them….. (c8

Market share (again)
I just got back from vacation and have been catching up on my Podcasts. Leo (my fav fanboy) was so excited about how well Apple has been doing (this sounds like a broken record I know). He threw around numbers like 20% sales and 10% penetration. Unfortunately this is simply optimistic thinking. Apple has been doing better, but no where near the fairytale levels that these blowhards breathlessly proclaim. How do you measure penetration? Perhaps the most unbiased approach is from the web. The W3 School does a very good job of collecting statistics like this.
Perhaps this will be the year where they break 5%!

♦ iPhone Kicking Butt

Woz says the iPod will “die out after a while” like the Walkman
Read the Telegraph article HERE

New Laptops Today
Stevo introduced Apple’s refreshed line of laptops today. New cases – yawn. He says that BlueRay is a ‘Bag of Hurt’. Apple still can’t play Premium HD content (DRM’d disks). Vista remains alone in this category. Steve said it was very hard to get this working……

Best Engadget Comment Ever
Engadget published an article showing one of the new glossy MacBooks running Windows 7. You can read it HERE. The first two comments about this article really made my day –

#1 This is an abomination
#2 Oh come on, the glare isn’t that bad

The Simpsons
(I almost ruptured my spleen laughing so hard)

We’re all Mapple People

Bart keeps it real


Poor Lisa

Revolutionary New MacBook

(will the innovations never cease?)

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Mike Ash is a Prophet

I linked to an article by Mike Ash over a year ago entitled: iPhone: Your crappy Mac of tomorrow (see above)

With today’s iPad announcement, we can see how accurate he was. First we got a cute little Fisher-Price smart phone for the truly cool and hip.

Now we have the iPad; a bigger, fatter version of the same.

Behold the future! Crappy computers for the pre-school set.

iPad – Nice Name Apple

I guess they don’t have any women on the Apple design team. Who thought of this name? It sounds like a feminine hygiene product. Just think of how cool you will sound telling your friends, ‘Why yes, it is an iPad!’

How Apple Ruins My Tech News Experience

Social News sites like DIGG can be truly awful, but they have let you decide what content you want to read for a while now. I simply exclude politics and Apple. This doesn’t prevent the spillover into anything that threatens the faithful, but it makes it more bearable. Engadget is another story. I like the edited content, but they are all fanboys to some extent and any story about Apple can dominate the their site for days. If it’s from Stevo himself (like the recent iPad announcement), they will dedicate weeks of coverage after the minute by minute live coverage has long killed off anyone who doesn’t like that flavor of Koolaid. Things are looking up though. My son recently showed me that you can browse to and voila! No more Apple stories.

Mac vs. PC Myths Dispelled

I came across this well written article by Clarity Web that attempts to dispel many of the common myths that surround this subject. For the most part I agree with all of his point except for the following –

Cost – (I argue that Apple Computers are way more expensive than their PC equivalents)

He readily admits this purchase price disparity, but blows it off by saying that Macs hold their value better (lower TCO). As I thought about this I realized that I’ve Never sold any of my used PCs. I just give them away. I won’t say that they are worthless, but their value to me is such that they can be given as a gift without regret. Now I started thinking why is this different for Apple computers? Why are they worth more? Why do PCs depreciate so quickly? The answer is that Apple’s hardware refresh cycle is measured in years while the PC’s is measured in weeks if not days.

Think of it like this: I build a PC for $1000 and a year later those same parts only cost $500. If I try to sell the year old PC I might get $250 for it. The $2000 Mac, one year later still costs $2000 to purchase new. If I sell this year old Mac I could probably still get $1500 for it. This sounds like a pre-owned BMW commercial. You must keep in mind how much the PPC Macs were worth after the Intel based models were released – not much. The ability to incorporate the newest technology whenever you want places a powerful downward pressure on price. This does not apply to the Apple controlled ecosystem. I’ve bought CPU chips that went down in price by hundreds of dollars by simply waiting a month. I’ve often heard this argument restated as, “Apple computers age more slowly.” The TCO arguments are Hoooey! My PC upgrade options after the first year are to either upgrade to a current (faster) PC (let’s say it costs $1000) or purchase two more of last year’s (slower) PCs (for $500 each) and in both situations I still have the original PC. I have now spent $2000 for my PCs (same as for the Mac). The Apple has no upgrade choices and it’s still stuck with a single year old machine (can’t really call it slower because there is nothing faster).

Update – You may have thought my example numbers were a bit out of whack. Not so – I’m including a comparison chart of two MacBooks and two comparable Dells laptops. My wild guesses were nearly spot on!

iPad too bad

There are a lot of reviews about the iPad where you can read about it’s numerous shortcomings. I’ll just give you two that stick out in my mind as showstoppers. My first issue with the iPad is how do you carry this thing without looking like Moses coming down from Mount Sinai with the Decalogue? Here are a few ideas that didn’t cut the mustard:

The answer, of course, is the Murse or Man Purse. I’m dead serious. All of the leather goods companies are going nuts building up their inventories.

My second issue with the iPad is far more subtle: the slightly convex back. If you place it on a flat surface like a desk or table it will spin freely like a top. You always have to use two hands to operate it. Forget about one handed swiping or even typing when it’s laying on a flat surface. Of course this could be corrected by changing the shape of the back or adding some rubber feet, but then it wouldn’t be nearly as cool. Can something be too cool to be useful?

This device is designed to be displayed on a coffee table and used while you are watching TV. Portable, it’s not! If it was more of a computer than a media consumption device I think the portability issue would be less serious. We already carry around laptops. I just can’t see people carrying these around on the off chance they may want to listen to or watch something and still have to carry a laptop to get work done. Perhaps this reflects how Apple views it’s customers: they don’t really need a computer because they are too dumb. iPad – the perfect device for the Fisher Price computer user. iPad users only ever need to listen to music, read email, play games, look at pictures, and browse the web. Do you seriously think any of them read books?

Anyways it’s hardly groundbreaking. Apple takes old worn out technology, dresses it up and all of the faithful gush over it.

The Onion just does it right….

New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products


Look at all that I’ve done for you people — and now you quibble about some trifle?


And now the solution –

Ya gotta love unbiased reviews

ARS-Technica (about as mainstream as tech blogs get)

June 23rd 2010 iPhone 4 deconstructed; antenna design a “work of genius”

July 30th 2010 – iPhone 4 antenna woes “significantly worse” than competition

It’s a work of genius! With every other phone OS you can pick from a variety of manufacturers and models. If one doesn’t work or suit your fancy, there are many others to take it’s place. Don’t worry – Steve gives you only what you need…..

Apple takes such good care of their developers

Have you heard about the latest App Store Developer news? When you sign up with Apple’s App Store as a developer you are basically required to sell your soul. Recent news reports reveal that Apple has begun patenting interfaces, features and ideas that developers have come up with! The thought being that everything in the App Store belongs to Apple (you did read the fine print right?). I can imagine a developer releasing a v2 of his app and getting slapped with a lawsuit because Apple has patented features he is using from his v1 app. I’m sure there is a good reason for this. Steve is like a messiah, a benevolent dictator. He would only do things that are good for us right? Psssst – hey iPhone developers, have you heard about Android and Phone7?

The Difference Between Macs and PCs

First the PC –

Now the Mac –

Apple Genius….

How Apple designed the new iPod Nano and Shuffle

Greatest excuse ever for switching to a Mac –

by Jason Perlow at ZDNET
“Two of those are Aperture 3 and iMovie. Both of which are Mac-only. And while Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 runs on Windows, I want to use the Mac version.”
First – you switched because of iMovie? I could understand FCP, but not that POC.
Second – Aperture, OK this is a decent piece of software, but you seriously never heard of Light Room?
Which brings me to the Third point – Adobe Creative Suite has wonderful, professional versions of each of these types of programs. You stated that you wanted to run the red-headed stepchild versions on the Mac. Are you afraid of the control key? Does the command key make you feel more powerful? I often mock Mac OS as being designed for retards. In my core I do know that it’s just a tool. I really don’t care what tools you choose. It doesn’t effect me, but your reasoning on this issue is truly retarded.

Best Windows Phone Commercial ever!

Comment –
Everything in the commercial is 100% true including the fact that only two people in the room have Windows Phones.

At least he’s honest…

Zack Arias (big name Photog) – Loves his Macs and experienced only frustration trying to work with PCs, but this reason is the best of all! At least he’s honest.
“I work in the creative industry. I have to sit in meetings with photo editors, creative directors, art directors, and the like. Macs rule in the creative industry. If I showed up with a PC… Look. I don’t want to show up to a meeting with a PC. I know. Keeping up with the Joneses. Vainity. Whatever. I’m not sitting down in an Ad agency with a ThinkPad. Not going to happen.”

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