Chances are, you have some scratches on your iPod’s screen. These scratches are fairly easy to remove and this technique can be applied to most anything that is plastic. Here is my old 3G iPod with some haze and scratches on the screen.

No special tools are required – you can do this completely by hand, but a powered buffer like a Dremel tool can make the job go much faster.

The secret ingredient is a two part plastic polish from 3M – the first part is for removing the scratches and the second part is for polishing the surface to perfection.The 3M part numbers are 39017 and 39010.

If you use a powered tool like a Dremel it can get rather messy with the polish flying everywhere. Wear an old tee shirt, eye protection and do it somewhere that can handle a bit of mess. I use a soft buffing wheel in the Dremel. After applying a small bit of polish to the screen, I manually spread it to cover the entire edge of the wheel. Use the slowest speed and work the polish around the screen.The polish on the edge of the wheel is what does the work, so keep the polish on the edge. Check your progress frequently (wipe the surface with a clean rag) and reapply the polish when needed.

After the scratches are removed, the screen will be slightly hazy. I prefer to perform this second step manually with a soft rag and the 2nd part of the polish. Keep the cloth you are buffing with moist with the #2 polish and just buff by hand. If you still see scratches, go back to the first polish and remove them. The 2nd polish is very fine and only restores the optical clarity when the plastic is scratch-free. After you are done, the surface should look like new.

The polish is kind of expensive ($15 for both), but you get enough of each to last a lifetime. I’ve purchased this polish from an auto parts supplier, but just Google it. A pristine iPod screen makes a great gift and this is a great way to endear yourself to your friends and family.


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