The President has repeatedly stated that there is nothing in HR3200 that will provide healthcare benefits for non-citizens. He also stated unequivocally that no federal money would ever be used to fund abortion. This sounds pretty good until you realize that he has refused to add any sort of language to the proposal that would exclude these two activities. He expects us to believe that once the government takes over he will actively work to prevent this (“… once this bill passes I own it.”). The President claims he doesn’t really know much about his own ACORN organization using federal money (my taxes) to promote prostitution, the exploitation of children, and even tax evasion. He even said that he didn’t know that they even received federal money. Check it out HERE (we are so far past voter registration fraud).

Mr President, the American people are not stupid. We don’t agree with what you are trying to do and we don’t trust you to keep your word. You may ask why it is that we don’t trust you. You are promising things that you can’t possibly deliver (isn’t that obvious?). When you promise everyone a penthouse, we know you are lying. It’s simple, you have shown that you don’t have our best interests at heart. You said recently that when this bill passes into law you will own it. Funny thing that, we don’t really want you to own our healthcare. Get in step with the people of this great country and stop trying to force us to go in a direction where we do not want to go. You are the president of the entire nation, not just the far left.

Update – The Census Bureau just announced that they are severing ties with ACORN who had been chosen to help work on the 2010 census. Read about it HERE. The senate has just voted to de-fund ACORN. That article is HERE.

Update #2 – The IRS has severed it’s association with this corrupt organization as well. Read the AP story HERE.

Allowing the government to manage your health care
is like letting Michael Vick watch your dog.

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