A different take on the Canadian Healthcare system

Has Canada, the darling of socialized medicine,  already advanced to the ‘D’ stage (see Why Socialism is Doomed below)? You have to wait when you go to the ER – OK same here in the non-socialist USA. You can’t have your cholesterol tested without a doctor’s referral – once again, it’s the same here. You have to go onto a waiting list for 3 years to get a doctor who can give you that referral – Yipes! Of course if you have money you can always pay for private healthcare. Socialized medicine will affect everyone negatively except those who can afford to pay for private care. I take that back – it will affect everyone negatively. Even if you can afford private healthcare you will still be burdened with the cost of paying for those who can’t or won’t afford it.

The worst part of the Obamacare proposal is how they want to apply it universally (even illegal immigrants are to be included). I don’t know about you, but I want less government involvement in my life not more. Politicians in favor of this socialist proposal are trying to reassure us that they will allow us to manage our own healthcare. I wasn’t actually aware that I had given them control over it in the first place. This is a downward spiral. Every government entitlement program quickly becomes abused by those looking for handouts. I know there are people who need help and I favor helping them. The government has totally failed at administering these programs. They most often have the exact opposite of their intended effect.

Welfare – does this encourage men to accept their responsibilities as fathers?
Planned Parenthood – does this encourage personal responsibility?
Education – does this encourage parental involvement or choice in the education process?
Mortgage Bailout – does this encourage people to work hard and pay their bills?
Social Security – does this encourage people to save for their retirement?

I know there are many who legitimately need this assistance and I’m proud to help them out. Do you see where this is headed? The ‘D’ stage is where no one wants to work hard or excel. The government will provide everything we need. Didn’t communist Russia fail? Our current administration is running full speed on the road that leads to failure.

Ron Paul’s take on the ‘right’ to Healthcare we are hearing so much about


There are only three inalienable rights – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When did we agree to add healthcare to this list? The socialist left has decided to rewrite the Declaration of Independence. Maybe they thought no one would notice?

Britain lags behind the rest of the world in Cancer Survival rates


Just like how there are no easy answers, I’m sure the reasons are complex. One issue that is pointed out repeatedly is the time that is lost in this system when speed is essential for the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. This is the outcome in a socialist system where everyone is forced to accept mediocre healthcare (remember there are no As or Fs). The Obama promise that everyone will get to live in the penthouse makes no sense. Even liberals realize that someone has to live on the lower floors for there to be a penthouse. We can’t expect to have excellent healthcare under this system. Something has to give.

Got Cancer? What are the numbers for socialized healthcare?

More pesky numbers that point out how excellent our current system is. Read the article HERE.

Wow, things are turning around for Obama

Normally I’d write this off as so much right wing frothing at the mouth, but the source made me listen to the whole thing. This is a short segment from Air America (the left’s answer to Rush) on the administration’s dealings with the pharmaceutical industry. If his ideological brothers are turning against him, it doesn’t bode well for his ongoing campaign.

Of Course There’s a Plan

They’ll never call them Death Panels, but our government WILL be controlling the care you get. Why would we want to give this right away especially to the morons inside the beltway?

Read about another Great Moment in Socialized Medicine – HERE

What Canadians want you to know about their healthcare system – HERE (videos)

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