I really admire the Obama logo (really I do) and how it’s been used to ‘brand’ his ongoing campaign (yes, he IS still trying to sell us something). That icon is very, very powerful. As visual media it is a masterpiece. He often chooses to fore-go the presidential seal in favor of his icon. It’s a symbol that has come to embody everything he is and stands for. Hopefully it won’t be used against him……… (c8

(this is an ongoing collection that I’ll add to from time to time)



You don’t even need a Glenn Beck chalk board to see the connections here.


(Ever notice that you never see Obama bumper stickers on cars going to work?)


The Whitehouse – NEA propaganda scandal (ask Buffy Wicks) –


This one appeared in conjunction with all of the videos that were released where public school children were recorded singing praises to The One.


Here is the winner!


He skipped the Berlin Wall Anniversary celebration, but sent a typical ‘it’s all about me’ video.

After all the Berlin Wall was not named after him like the Great Wall of China…..
(Jim Geraghty).


He didn’t even qualify for the medal round…..


This pretty well sums up Obamacare –



This image image started showing up around Los Angeles and it’s fast becoming the symbol of opposition for those who disagree with the left’s desire to move us into socialism.


Before you get your panties in a twist, I think it’s pretty garish and scary looking, but fair is fair. Remember how THIS IMAGE was widely regarded as a perfectly acceptable artistic expression of free speech and suitable for publishing by Vanity Fair? Or maybe you recall THIS ONE that made the cover of the Village Voice. There are published images of Bush as a monkey, Hitler, the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, as Osama bin Laden and too many others to list.

This next one started showing up on tee shirts in China where he is very popular. Personally I think it’s horrible to compare him with the world’s greatest mass murderer, but I don’t think this is seen quite as negatively over in China. It’s probably recognition more for what he may do than anything he’s actually done (like the Nobel). Socialism is all about transforming society.


This one is in response to his greeting of the Japanese Prime Minister during recent trip to Asia for the APEC summit. It goes well with, ‘Stop apologizing for America and start apologizing to America.’


This next one is perfect on so many levels…..


How does our Dear Leader stack up against the Savior?
(from Andrew Klavan)

  • Both associated with the dregs of society
  • Both offered free healthcare
  • Both left us with a debt we can never repay
Here is the One’s proposed new logo for the Missile Defense Agency
(he has been real busy cutting their budget so it’s only fair)
When Alfred turns against you….
Location, location, location
Even the Peanut Farmer gets it!

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