You may have read about my travails with trying to run a Continuous Inking System on my older Epson printer. I finally gave upon the CIS, it was just too much work and wasted time and ink and paper. I bought a very nice new Epson R1900. It can print up to 13″ x 19″ and even longer on roll paper. Right out of the box it has worked flawlessly. I miss the LCD control screen on the old printer, but the results are amazing. It uses 6 ink colors and a Gloss Optimizer as sort of a clearcoat finish. There is also a matte black ink for printing on non glossy media.

I’ve been using Red River Ultra Pro Satin paper and I really like the finish. The paper is fairly heavy at 65lbs and it just feels great when you hold it. The ink comes in those tiny 14ml cartridges and costs around $100 for the 6 colors and GlOp. I’ve been tracking consumption so far and have only replaced the GlOp (consumed twice as fast) after printing –
12   4″x6″
8     4″x5″
65  5″x7″
I’ll continue to track my consumption for a while and update with my results over time.

Taking photographs is like composing a song.
Printing your images on paper is like performing your song.

I learned a lot about printing and printer calibration so my time with the CIS wasn’t all a waste. I also feel that I’m now way more familiar with all of the advanced printer settings and how to get the most out of my printer using profiles. I’ve been using a wonderful program to make my prints for a few years now and still haven’t found anything better or easier. It’s called QImage. You simply tell it what size paper you are using and what size prints you want. It fits them on the paper automatically. The interpolation (scaling) is top notch. If you want to get the most out of your printer, I highly recommend it.

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