I saw this in a denominational magazine (ALife)
After 24 hours you may accurately remember
  • 5% of what you hear
  • 15% of what you read
  • 35% of what you study
  • 57% of what you see and hear
Hearing is forgetting, seeing is believing and doing is understanding – An old Adage

Humor, Analogy, and Metaphor in Teaching

From the Midnight Oil boys –
  • …metaphor makes the message easier to understand.
  • …metaphor is the glue that makes the message stick.
  • When we use metaphors from the culture, and do the hard work of redeeming them, they become reminders of the Gospel.
  • The challenge for worship screen producers is to learn to think in image instead of just text.
  • If we want to reach the world we live in, we must become students of the culture.
The greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor. – Aristotle

The artist must say it without saying it. – Duke Ellington

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