Important Photography Lessons:

Men in particular seem to gain self-worth from the gear they own.
We justify our choices because they somehow reflect on us as a person.
(this is closely related to the Tool gene which is located on the Y chromosome)

Here is some general advice that I would offer to anyone considering a new camera:

  • Your perfect camera isn’t necessarily mine (there is no perfect camera)
  • Larger image sensors have less noise than smaller image sensors
  • Image sensors with lower pixel density have less noise than those with higher densities
  • Today’s best efforts still aren’t perfect
  • Today’s less than perfect options are better than yesterday’s
  • Lenses are more important than features
  • Your perfect lens isn’t necessarily mine (there is no perfect lens )
  • The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten
  • A longer zoom will always trump mega pixels
  • You almost always have to sacrifice something to gain in a different area
  • Best has almost no meaning – as soon as you buy one, they will come out with a better one.
  • Gadgets and features can never replace the photographer’s eye

Most of all remember that they are just tools and the point is you improve by taking lots of pictures, not by becoming a fanboy……. (c8

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  1. sabature says:

    The EOS400D is ace :)…I had a look at it and wanted to run away with it but no cash :(..hehehe…:)

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