Here is my list of *fairly* inexpensive gift ideas for your favorite photographer.
Make sure you shop around, but get a base price from Amazon or B&H first.
If you find a price that is a lot less, something is probably not right.
The bitter taste of poor service lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!
Be sure to check out my gift guide from last year –¬†

Long ETTL Cable $65
The worst place for a flash is on top of your camera. These long cords are perfect for getting your flash into a better position.
Lens Cap Clip $13
I got one of these free at a Camera show and it’s really pretty good. Unlike some other similar solutions, you only need one (it attaches to your strap).
LaCrosse Charger $50
The problem with many battery chargers is that they do NOT charge each cell individually. As soon as the cell with the most remaining charge is full, the charger shuts off. The cells with less charge never get fully charged. This charger is nearly perfect. Look at all of those displays (one for each cell). You can even select your charging rate.

Video Head Leveling plate $93
If you shoot video with your DSLR you have probably wasted a tone of time getting your tripod level so that you can pan horizontally. This leveling plate is wonderful for quickly getting your fluid head level even when the tripod isn’t.

Mini Ballhead $38
I love this tiny ball head for my flash work. It works very well inside a softbox and a million other situations.

Umbrella Adapter $28
I got an umbrella adapter with my Westcott light stand. It had a cold shoe and just didn’t work very well. This one is great. When combined with the mini ball-head above, it’s fantastic.

Umbrella Kit $69
This is a great value for this versatile piece of kit.

Tripod Bag $36
How do you tote around your stands, umbrellas and soft-boxes? This just looks classy.

Reflector Support Arm $50
This boom arm sits atop your lightstand and holds one of those folding reflectors. Perfect for those situations where you don’t have an assistant.

Nifty 50 – Canon 50mm f1.8 $104
The 50mm prime less. This Canon model is likely the best return on investment you can shoot with. Is your kit less too slow for indoor use? This one has a maximum aperture of f1.8 that works great in low light or when you want really shallow depth of field.

Lens Filters
The following three suggestions are all very useful. Just remember that a cheap, uncoated filter can turn your expensive red-ring beauty into a joke.
Neutral Density Filters $17
TIFFEN Variable ND Filter $190
This is like a zoom lens for neutral density – pricey, but cool!
Graduated Neutral Density Filter $50
Polarizing Filter $35

Photobook of Your Images $40
I love making photo books after a trip or special occasion. These guys are very good and do very nice work. They constantly have sales that can be up to 50% off.
Speedstrap $10
This this does a perfect job of attaching whatever you need to your flash (like a gel or reflector) without needing anything sticky or permanent.
Flash Gel set (w/ CTO) $20
This set is designed to help you correct or match your flash to the ambient light so that when you adjust the white balance in post, both the ambient and the flash are corrected together.
Gel Holder $20
Nikon Squeeze-style Lens Caps $4
These Nikon style squeeze caps are so much better than the stock Canon ones. The stock caps are almost impossible to remove if you have lens hood on while these are easy to remove.
Flash Bender $40
This is a very versatile flash reflector that can be bent into many useful configurations.
Memory Card Case $20
These are great and come with inserts that can handle Memory Stick, SD or CF cards.
USB3 Cardreader $27
I always buys fast memory cards – not so much because the camera needs it, but rather for the download performance. This USB v3 card reader takes it to a whole new level, providing your PC is so equipped.

Glow Blower $9
This is a perfect size and it glows!

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