1.       What is your Job Description?
What is the most important thing you do (what are your top 2 or 3 priorities as a leader)?

2.       Are you replaceable? Can anyone else do your job?

3.       What are the spiritual gifts and special abilities of the people currently working under your authority? What are you doing to encourage and develop these gifts?

4.       What is the difference between a calling and a job? Which do you have?

5.       What is your philosophy of ministry, if you have one?

6.       How does your work fit into the church’s vision and core values?

7.       How do lay volunteers fit into your job?

8.       Do you have any plans for changes in the future?

9.       If I were to become involved with this Ministry, what do you envision my role to be?

10.   What would you say is more important – technical excellence or team building and why?

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