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The disaster that is Obamacare is baffling to me.

Lies, lies, lies (at least the MSM is finally starting to wake up)

  • “If you like your insurance plan, you will keep it.”
  • “What we said was you can keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law passed.”
  • “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period.”
  • “We’ll start by reducing premiums by as much as $2,500 per family.”
  • “It will create 4 million jobs-400,000 jobs almost immediately.”
  • ” Obamacare “pushed back on the undue influence of special interests.”
  • “We are on schedule, and will be ready for the marketplaces to open on October 1.”
  • “Regardless of how the Marketplace is managed, consumers will be able to access the Marketplace with ease.”
  • “We expect to resolve these issues in the coming hours.”
  • “Take away the volume, and it works.” “No, we don’t have that data.”
  • “[We] follow high standards regarding the privacy and security of personal information.”

The Obamacare website has 500 million lines of code, yet just 50 thousand simultaneous users crashes the system.

It has been estimated that only 60% of the entire system has been completed (there is no back-end).

The unfinished Obamacare website codebase is 5x larger than Windows 8 and Facebook combined!

The seminal book on IT productivity The Mythical Man-Month  claims that on average a programmer can create as many as 6 lines of code per day.
How did they get this much code? An Obamacare website programmer would have to write thousands per day.

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